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Terms of use

Information we store on your machine uses cookies to maintain information about your session so the next time you access the server, knows the user you are currently logged in as or which page you were on the last time you accessed the application. also uses some third party software to collect anonymous usage statistics about our user base. Such services may also use cookies of their own to track users but the information they have access to is anonymous and is kept entirely separate from our session cookies. may also utilize the local storage mechanisms provided by your web browser to cache certain content locally and speed up access to its services by reducing unnecessary network traffic. This will only happen for logged in users and such information may contain copies of potentially sensitive information you have access to on GitHub.

Local storage and its caches will not be cleared unless you properly log out of the application and such information can possibly be accessed by other parties who gain physical access to your machine. Keep this in mind should you be tempted to do some work on a computer you do not own (think internet cafés).

Information we collect processes and stores information you access using our GitHub integration. Such information is processed in an automatic fashion by computers that do not discriminate against particular users. All information is processed and stored only to the extent that is required to provide's services to our user base.

We also like to know which web browsers you love the most or what screen sizes to optimize for. This allows us to continuously improve the services we provide. utilizes third party statistics analysis tools to collect various information your browser is willing to share in an anonymous, aggregated form.

Information we share

We like our privacy and we are sure you love yours. At no point do we willingly share any information about you or your projects with a party that could not already access the same information using GitHub. We think hiding your activity from your collaborators would be rather silly. This includes but is not limited to: your username, your real name, your email address and the list of private repositories you have access to or are contributing to.

Please note that under certain legal circumstances we may be required to provide such information to law enforcement agencies or courts. We hope we will never have to.

Terms of service is provided as-is. We hope that you like it and that it helps you get your work done. We cannot, however, be held responsible for any damage that proper or improper use of our services brings to any or all of your projects. is a tool and as such cannot be held responsible for the way it is used.

By using you acknowledge that you are required to maintain a GitHub account and are subject to GitHub's own terms of service. Should GitHub terminate your account or should you lose access to it for whatever reason, you will not longer be able to access and use its services.

By uploading files using you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms and conditions of whichever third party service you use for storage.

You are also bound by law and are forbidden from using to conduct any illegal activities but we are sure you already know that.

All accounts and services provided by are subject to immediate termination should we find you in violation with the above terms and conditions.

While the service remains in beta, there is no guarantee of any level of service provided. All accounts are subject to changes and we may occasionally lose parts of functionality or certain values of settings or personal preferences as the the application continues to evolve.

Future changes to this document will be provided as updates to this page. We will also do our best to notify you about major changes.

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