All the Power of
with Privacy of Github Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise brings agile project management to your servers. Enterprise allows your team to use without leaving your company's network. Enterprise works with GitHub Enterprise or regular GitHub and supports all of the features your team grew to loves us for.

Measure Time

Need a detailed breakdown of where all that time went? Estimate issues to understand the challenges.

Track documentation

Easily attach screenshots to bug reports, add spreadsheets with data samples. Include that one Word file the customer sent their logo in.

Identify problems

Let our unique filters tell you when something fishy happens to an issue. Resolve potential problems before they get a chance to ruin the project.


Drag and drop issues within milestones to reorder them. Make sure the entire team is focused on delivering the most important changes first.


Let others know that a ticket is currently impossible to complete. Tell coworkers that you cannot progress before they finish their work.

Easy deployment

Leveraging Docker technology makes deploying a breeze.